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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Irrigating Pecans

High quality pecans require water from either rainfall or irrigation.  Most places rely on a combination of the two.  In the western US, irrigation is a must due to the lack of rainfall. Eastern pecan growers, irrigation is supplemental due to the abundance of rainfall.  Most growers fall somewhere in between. Mature pecan trees can requires much as 2000 gallons of water per week during the growing season.

Pecan Grower Resources

Many pecan lovers have found that Millican Pecan Company is an excellent source for fresh pecans and pecan candy .  We are also noticing that many pecan growers are finding our resources to be helpful as well.  For the avid pecan user, our blog includes a vast assortment of pecan recipes as well as valuable information and facts about pecans.  We have added topics that will help the novice pecan grower or a homeowner.  Our articles to serve as a refresher for expert growers.  Many of the pecan related topics that we write about are actual questions we receive from our followers via email and phone calls.