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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Picking Pecans on our Family Outing

The pecan trees are losing their leaves and the hulls are opening up which means it’s time to start picking pecans! What better time to start than today? This time of year we make frequent trips down to the orchards to see if the pecans are ready. Today just happened to include one of those trips. My guess is that Winston already knew that the pecans were ready because unbeknownst to me he brought a collection of buckets with us. He made it sound like he needed us to go check the trees with him, but in actuality I think he just really needed a few extra hands.

A Walk Through the Pecan Farm

I find that many times we are so wrapped up in the overwhelming job of making our pecan farm operate that we forget what made us fall in love with this way of life in the first place. In order to be a farmer or a farmer’s wife you have to really love doing it. I mean that’s one of the things I first noticed about my husband long ago. He loved farming and he really loved life in the country. And you know what…he still does.

Hot Chicken Salad Pecan Recipe

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared a pecan recipe with you. Now that the weather is starting to feel more like fall I think it’s time to start making hot meals. Of course, in Texas our mornings are about the only thing that is cool, but I still think it’s time to embrace something hot to eat none-the-less. After all, it seems that when we are accepting of the next seasonal change that it makes it a whole lot easier to make the transition.