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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Becoming a Health Nut in One Easy Step

I am not a health nut by nature. I have always had a sweet tooth. In fact, when I was younger I would force myself to eat what was on my dinner plate just so I would be allowed to enjoy the dessert that was available upon completion. My parents were smart. They knew when it came to dinner time that I had two obvious weaknesses. I loved sweets and I hated missing out on anything fun that might be going on after dinner, so they had no choice but to use these to their advantage.

Bacon Pecan Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Once a week our family joins about four or five other families for a small group Bible study. While the kids get some fun playtime with each other, the adults dive into God’s Word and discuss how to better live our lives in an honorable way. Occasionally, we take a break from our normal routine and just spend our time socializing. On one such occasion recently we gathered at our home and had a potluck meal around a nice toasty fire. I had a recipe for a green salad, which happened to include pecans, that a friend of mine had shared with me and I was dying to try it.