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Pecan Orchard Spring Cleaning

Burning Pecan Trees
Pecans Trees being cleaned up in the late Winter here in Texas

Spring is always a busy time around a pecan orchard.  By now, we have marketed a large portion of our pecan crop and have been busy in our shop repairing harvest equipment.  The pecans that have been retained for the summer months are being processed and will be in cold storage as soon as completed. January and February were busy months cleaning up the pecan orchards.  There were many stick piles from the pecan harvest and they all have to be pushed up and burned.  This is no small undertaking and is often overlooked by some maintenance teams. Pecan scab can and does overwinter in the fallen pecan leaves, so destroying as many as possible is a management tool. Not only will the pecan orchard look better

Planting Trees: Civilization in our Souls

The man who plants a tree has civilization in his soul, or so this was the truth according to our great-great grandfather. Now, more than one hundred twenty years later our family is still living out this motto. Our great-great grandparents knew a thing or two about planting trees, pecan trees in particular. They planted the first pecan orchard below their house in the late 1800s.

Praline Pecan Ice Cream

I’m so excited to share a new recipe with you! I created this recipe with my kids using some of our delicious pecan candy. This summer has been terribly hot here in Texas and most of us in the south have been super sad about Blue Bell Ice Cream being unavailable at our local grocery stores. So in order to satisfy my cravings I have been making a whole lot of homemade ice cream. Since we’ve mastered our vanilla recipe, my kids and I decided that it was time to get a little more creative. That’s how our Praline Pecan Ice Cream recipe was discovered.

Pecan Dessert Earns Respect

Each pecan season we are blessed with a wonderful crew of dedicated workers. Some of them are legendary bakers and others are learning for the first time how to bake. One of my favorite stories this season was from Kristin, one of our novice bakers. Her Nana is known for making some of the best desserts in the family, but this year Kristin was hoping to win the honors. She offered to contribute a pecan dessert to their Christmas meal and Nana suggested they have a competition.

Reap What Was Sown

My husband, Winston, and my father-in-law had a really nice wheat crop this year. In fact, Winston even posted a blog about it recently. Our wheat harvest has struggled the last several years due to drought in our area. This year was another story, though! We were so enthusiastic about it, that we decided to keep some of the harvest for ourselves. My mother-in-law took what we kept and had it milled. We visited them a few weeks ago and enjoyed some warm, fresh biscuits that she had made with the recently milled harvest. I thought you might enjoy a picture of these delicious biscuits.

Homemade Baked Zucchini Fries with Pecan Meal

I’m always on the lookout for new recipes. Good ones. Taste is my number one requirement, but I also make it a point to keep my eye out for recipes that are healthy. It’s summer and this recipe accomplishes both. Not only does it utilize the abundance of zucchini that is produced this time of year as well as using pecan meal, but these fries taste great too. It’s the perfect gluten free recipe to add to your list this summer.

No Perfect People Allowed

I remember when I was a kid it was quite the rage to start clubs and invite your closest friends to join with you. I was a member of The Girls Club in which we would yell “no boys allowed” at the top of our lungs when some little boy would innocently cross our path. Poor thing! I’ve even heard my daughter get into the spirit of clubs with her friends.

Strawberry Chicken Pecan Salad

I’m on a quest. A quest to eat more vegetables. I know. It’s not the most exciting mission of my life, but it is a good one. A healthy one. And I have to be honest that I am not interested in choking down my veggies. I really require that they taste good as well as providing me with the healthy nutrients that my body needs. After all, it’s my quest so I can make the rules. Strangely, I prefer salad over most other vegetable options. I don’t mind trying new things, but salad is my go to vegetable option.

All Work and No Play

“All work and no play”. It’s a philosophy, just not a philosophy that our family believes in. I’m not saying that we don’t believe in working hard. In fact, hard work is something we feel strongly about. And instilling a strong work ethic in our kids and throughout our company is something we desire to do. But learning to take a break or have a moment of fun is what enables us to sustain our dedication to a job well-done.

Cute Kids and Yummy Pecan Cookies!

Y’all I have the cutest recipe video to share with you. Not only because it has some yummy pecan cookies from a great recipe, but also because it has some pretty precious kids in it. I admit I am super partial on this theory. Mainly because one of the kids is my daughter, Anna, and also because the other kid is our family friend, Ben. These kids had a great time filming this recipe. I told my mom that it was kind of like cooking with Elmo. The cookies are delicious as we got to enjoy them fresh out of the oven. As you will see, they thought the cookie dough was pretty spectacular as well.