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Don’t you love kids!

Anna loves to take videos with Winston’s phone. He went through his phone this evening and found this video she made while she was in the tractor waiting for him. It’s a little
long but hilarious! Listen to the song 🙂

Is it Really True??

Well….the answer is, YES it is!! We received a phone call last week from the Martha Stewart Show. Eeeek!! I must confess I am having a very hard time composing myself. As I spoke to one of the producers over the phone I found myself pacing the floor with anticipation and shaking. Yes, I know it is very shameful, but my hands were in fact shaking and I was trying hard to make sure my voice did not crack as to embarrass myself even more so. I found myself wondering what these producers must think of people like myself. Well, I have to report that she was very down-to-earth and did an amazing job of not making me feel like a fool 🙂

I have been watching Martha’s TV show since I was in college. Over the years I have made many attempts to produce her beautifully, creative crafts, recipes and decorations. I always seem to come up short, though. On screen she displays such ease in producing the masterpieces set before us, but for some reason my reproduction doesn’t quite look the same. If there is one thing that has impacted me the most, though, about Martha Stewart it is her passion for what she does. I have noticed this passion is contagious and has been for many years. So it is especially gratifying and rewarding for me to be able to share with Martha and her studio audience something that I am passionate about… Pecans!

To say that it is an honor to be included on the Martha Stewart Show as well as sourced in her new cookbook “Martha’s American Food” is an understatement. I am excited, honored, proud, giddy, nervous and incredibly blessed! Please join us as we watch with anticipation on the Hallmark Channel on Tuesday, April 24th at 10am and 2pm EST and Wednesday, April 25th at 1pm EST. Happy Baking!

Millican Pecan and Martha Stewart

Great News!!! The producers of The Martha Stewart Show called us yesterday requesting 200 bags of pecans that they are letting the studio audience sample. They also made us aware that they are sourcing our pecans in Martha Stewart’s new book which you can buy on Amazon. We are very excited about this opportunity and hope you tune to her show on Tuesday!



Pecan Sugar Cookies Recipe

Most kids love sugar cookies. To be real honest, most adults do too. I love to top mine with colorful icing to offer variety. But I found a recipe that doesn’t require icing to provide a unique .

Here is the link to buy our yummy Pecan Meal:



I’ve been thinking lately of the attitude of entitlement. It stems mainly from a tragic event that happened recently in our community. A fellow pecan grower and friend of mine had her life taken from her because of it.
I have to admit that it’s not always easy to be grateful. After all, with life comes circumstances that are good and bad. But I have observed in my life that when I am grateful for what God has given me, then entitlement has no room to creep in. Recognizing that anything good in my life is not because I was entitled to it, but because God graciously placed it there for me. These gifts are evident to me when I reflect on the family I grew up in, my childhood friends, and grandparents. I also think of my husband and the journey we are taking together. We have been fortunate to graduate college together, see what once was a dream develop into a business, and now pour our hearts into two children. I think if our approach to these experiences was such that we deserved them or were entitled to them then we would miss out on the joy that comes along with them.
In short, I hope that we all can learn the importance of gratefulness. For with it comes the ease of a smile and a life well-lived.

Kristen Millican

Chicken Salad

This was a recipe sent in by a fan and we loved it so much we wanted to share it as well! Enjoy!

If you have a recipe that you would like to share that has pecans in it we would love to feature it! Post below or send it to