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Pecan Phanatic – May 2017

We are excited to present May’s Pecan Phanatic of the Month, John Elston! John lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Sandy. You can read more about John and his love for pecans below.

Pecan Dessert Earns Respect

Each pecan season we are blessed with a wonderful crew of dedicated workers. Some of them are legendary bakers and others are learning for the first time how to bake. One of my favorite stories this season was from Kristin, one of our novice bakers. Her Nana is known for making some of the best desserts in the family, but this year Kristin was hoping to win the honors. She offered to contribute a pecan dessert to their Christmas meal and Nana suggested they have a competition.

From an employees view.

I have been part of the delicious world of Millican Pecan for two wonderful years. There are so many things about baking pecan pies, flavoring pecans, and chocolate making that I have learned. While the learning curve was steep as with any new process, I quickly learn and prospered in the pecan industry. I enjoy being part of the great Millican Pecan Company that has been in business since 1888. Of all the wonderful products that we make, the handmade pecan pie is by far my favorite to make while working.

What Makes Us Tick

There are so many things I enjoy about working for Winston and Kristen, but my favorite thing is baking pecan pies. They have taught me how to make their famous pecan pies and I have baked so many especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the busy season I like being in the kitchen all day baking pies. Some would call me the “pie machine.” I have a little secret when I’m baking pies and it’s not necessarily a secret ingredient. I always like to keep the valued customer in mind that ordered the pie. I want them to be very pleased when they slice the pecan pie.

I love the smell of the pies while they are in the oven. My imagination takes me to a cold winter morning having a slice of pecan pie with chocolate pecan coffee. Yummy. If you have not had a chance to try our Pecan Pie. You should, because not only is it homemade but now you know they are handmade by me!  I take pride in my work as do all of the employees at Millican Pecan Company.  We have a sense of ownership that allows us to take pride in our work.

-Ines Aguirre

edited by Winston Millican


Pecan Phanatic!

We would like to present April’s Pecan Phanatic of the Month.

If you are nuts about any of Millican Pecan’s Products take a picture of yourself with some of our product and you could win some really wonderful stuff!

Easter Chocolate Pecan Turtles

Speaking of easter! Our Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramillicans come from an old family recipe handed down through the generations. We mix butter rich caramel with our fancy pecans and topped with milk chocolate by hand, one at a time. This is one of our most popular items and is just in time for Easter. This is a great change from store bought candy. Why not support your local business! Click the link below to order some.

Pre-K 4 Visits Millican Pecan

On March 9, 2011 in San Saba, TX, the San Saba Pre-K class visited Millican Pecan Company. The kids spent time at the factory learning about pecans and how to make their own homemade pecan pie. “The class is currently learning about shapes and colors and we wanted to teach them a little about pecans and how they grow”, said owners Kristen and Winston Millican.

First Pecan Phanatic March

Meet our very own and very first Pecan Phanatic! You might be wondering what a pecan phanatic is, right? Before we talk any further I would like to explain…