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Join the Century Tree Project

Have you ever heard of The Aggie Century Tree Project? I hadn’t until recently, but let me tell you I have become a proud supporter of this project. Trees hold a special place in the hearts of our family members. While we usually spend our time planting pecan trees, this year we are adding an oak tree to the mix.

Planting Trees: Civilization in our Souls

The man who plants a tree has civilization in his soul, or so this was the truth according to our great-great grandfather. Now, more than one hundred twenty years later our family is still living out this motto. Our great-great grandparents knew a thing or two about planting trees, pecan trees in particular. They planted the first pecan orchard below their house in the late 1800s.

Reap What Was Sown

My husband, Winston, and my father-in-law had a really nice wheat crop this year. In fact, Winston even posted a blog about it recently. Our wheat harvest has struggled the last several years due to drought in our area. This year was another story, though! We were so enthusiastic about it, that we decided to keep some of the harvest for ourselves. My mother-in-law took what we kept and had it milled. We visited them a few weeks ago and enjoyed some warm, fresh biscuits that she had made with the recently milled harvest. I thought you might enjoy a picture of these delicious biscuits.

The Best Pecan Site Selection


Recently, I’ve been getting calls and emails about people wanting to buy an orchard or develop native/seedling trees into a marketable crop. Just when i think I’ve seen it all, somebody calls and they have a completely different problem or question. Planting and harvesting pecans is a passion of mine, so helping you is an extension of that passion. So for the prospective pecan grower these are my recommendations for criteria that you need to look for in regards to finding the best pecan site to develop into an orchard.

Irrigating Pecans

High quality pecans require water from either rainfall or irrigation.  Most places rely on a combination of the two.  In the western US, irrigation is a must due to the lack of rainfall. Eastern pecan growers, irrigation is supplemental due to the abundance of rainfall.  Most growers fall somewhere in between. Mature pecan trees can requires much as 2000 gallons of water per week during the growing season.

Pecan Grower Resources

Many pecan lovers have found that Millican Pecan Company is an excellent source for fresh pecans and pecan candy .  We are also noticing that many pecan growers are finding our resources to be helpful as well.  For the avid pecan user, our blog includes a vast assortment of pecan recipes as well as valuable information and facts about pecans.  We have added topics that will help the novice pecan grower or a homeowner.  Our articles to serve as a refresher for expert growers.  Many of the pecan related topics that we write about are actual questions we receive from our followers via email and phone calls.