Pecan Phanatic – May 2017

We are excited to present May’s Pecan Phanatic of the Month, John Elston! John lives in Houston, Texas with his wife, Sandy. You can read more about John and his love for pecans below.


Pecan Phanatic - John Elston

You might be wondering what a pecan phanatic is or more appropriately who is a pecan phanatic. I’m so glad you asked! By definition, a pecan phanatic is someone who is infatuated with anything and everything pecan related. For John Elston this specific infatuation is with Millican Pecan Company’s Milk Chocolate Pecans as well as the Milk Chocolate Caramillicans. While indulging on these delicious candies he is quick to challenge anybody to eat just one!

Pecan Phanatic Origins

It’s always great to hear from our customers that love the pecan goodies that they have purchased. We receive phone calls, emails and even cards in the mail from genuine pecan phanatics from across the globe. In several instances, we have used these letters to find the next winner.

We come from a long line of pecan lovers…phanatics to be exact. We are infatuated with pecans. In fact, we use pecans in our desserts, salads, entrees and appetizers. On any given day you may likely see us walking or driving through the pecan orchards to check on the upcoming pecan crop or to ensure that the trees are not falling prey to weathering hazards. We pray for God to protect the pecans that are growing and to allow them to thrive into a mature, healthy crop. And when we meet new people we can’t wait to tell them about our line of business or to describe the nut that we love so much. Like any true pecan phanatic we are in search of other phanatics and the next one just might be you!

If you are nuts about any of Millican Pecan’s products take a picture of yourself with some of our fresh pecans or candies. Be sure to email it to us for a chance to win some really wonderful stuff! Including your own Millican Pecan Company t-shirt! Here are some past pecan phanatic winners for you to see.

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