Pre-K 4 Visits Millican Pecan

On March 9, 2011 in San Saba, TX, the San Saba Pre-K class visited Millican Pecan Company. The kids spent time at the factory learning about pecans and how to make their own homemade pecan pie. “The class is currently learning about shapes and colors and we wanted to teach them a little about pecans and how they grow”, said owners Kristen and Winston Millican.

Making Each Homemade Pecan Pie

They all marched in line to put on the appropriate attire, chef hats and aprons. Naturally, there were scattered giggles and fingers pointing at the funny hats they were all wearing. Each child was given a tiny piece of homemade pecan pie dough. They were then prompted to roll it out with small rolling pins. Once the piece of dough was in a circle they placed the dough in the small pie tins and started pinching the edges of the crust.

With a little help each pie looked very unique. The next step was mixing the pie filling. When each pie had the appropriate amount of filling the kids took a small handful of famous Millican Pecan Pieces. The pieces were sprinkled on top of the filling and ready for the oven. After all the pies were put in the oven, owner Kristen Millican talked to the kids about pecans. She passed a basket full of pecans around so the kids could have something visual to accompany her talk. She explained that with the sun’s help pecans grow in size and how each individual pecan is unique just like them.

Expanding Education Beyond Just Baking Pie

Kristen then talked to them about their special homemade pecan pie. She emphasized that there was one more pie that was being made for a very special person. This person, of course, was none other than the Easter Bunny! With squeals of delight each child was so excited to sign the card that they had made for the Easter Bunny. The smell of fresh pecan pies began to fill the air and each of the child’s small pies were taken home and enjoyed by them and their family.

Millican Pecan Company has a love not only for the community but for the kids that fill it. When asked about the driving force behind the event owners Winston and Kristen Millican left us with this. “We want to build into the next generation, which is a passion of our family. We want to be able to use the resources we have to enrich the lives of others. To see the faces of these children light up when they see the final product that their [own] hands made is pure joy. We also love that our passion for baking is being passed on to others. Who knows, maybe when these kids are grown they will choose career paths that allow them to use skills learned at events like these.”


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  1. corellad | 27th Mar 12

    Good field trip for the kiddos. Hope they learn about shapes and not saturated fats and sucrose.

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